My Pledge of Service to You

  • For Chairman & Chief Executive Officers – I pledge my knowledge, experiences and understanding of the big picture.  I will always have your goals for the Company first and foremost in my mind.  Having been an entrepreneur I’ve always worked with a sense of urgency.  Following CEO direction, I will team up with Sales, Finance, and Marketing to work as one to arrive at that destination. I focus on re-negotiating large volume, low margin items to bring additional profits to the bottom line.  While at InterDesign, I brought almost $5 million in savings to net profit in less than 3 years.
  • For All Vice Presidents of Sales – My first priority is to align production and deliveries for the sales team and our customers.  My days (and nights when necessary) will remain focused on those needs. Sales, operations and production planning have been, and will be my mantra.
  • For All Chief Financial Officer’s – Buying decisions will be carefully prepared to stay cognizant of required inventory levels while maximizing cash flow efficiency.  I work hard to have goods arrive as they are needed, in balance with cash flow availability. If inventory control is my responsibility; it won’t be taken lightly.  Cycle counts will help maintain accuracy of inventory.  Excess inventory ties up cash, cost’s money and reduces profit.  Proper planning for the lifecycle of a SKU will be watched. I’ve also been in Sales and we never want to lose an opportunity.
  • For All Marketing Directors – My experience in product development, price negotiation, process planning and knowledge of the Far East mindset is always available.   I offer assistance in expanding the product line to increase deliveries if required.  I remain current on all competitor inventory.
  • My Greatest Strength is creating and maintaining good relationships that bring immediate value to the firm.  This has been the key to my successes and will remain a fundamental for the future. I will work with, review and organize current and future vendors through communication, mutual respect, communication, and cultural diversities.
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